5 Unexpectedly Awesome Gifts Under $30


This has been a year full of unexpected challenges, brought about by the global pandemic. With the gift giving season upon us, many are feeling some pressure to make their money go further.   With that in mind, here’s our list of 5 fun, amusing, and practical gifts under $30.

Angry Elf Candle $24

Does the world have your family feeling a more Scrooge-like than normal? Throw this “Angry Elf” candle in the mix and maybe the mix of evergreen, red currant, citrus, and rose will make them feel better…or maybe not.

Ugly Sweater Holiday Puzzle $18

It’s the year of stay-at-home activities so give the gift that will remind the recipient of ugly Christmas sweater parties long past while encouraging them to stay home. This 1,000 piece puzzle will keep anyone occupied for hours, without technology.

Zojirushi Travel Mug $26.99

White Elephant gifts don’t have to be gifts no one can use. For the travel lover, get them a practical gift that will keep their cool drinks cool and their hot drinks hot. This mug has a 5 year warranty and is perfect for on the go travelers or anyone who needs their beverage to stay hot for hours (so they don’t have to leave the couch).

The ShoeSling® $29.99

Speaking of travelers, the ShoeSling® is perfect for not only travelers who don’t want their fancy shoes shoved in their carry on bags, but also athletes who want their smelly shoes separated from the rest of their stuff and the sport parent who doesn’t want that smell in their front closet. Really, it’s a great gift for just about anyone who needs an easy way to carry their shoes, protect them from scuffs, and keep any smells contained.

Essential Oils Diffuser $25.99

Give the gift of relaxation after a not so relaxing year. Diffuse calming scents into the air and improve the quality of the air at the same time. Cover up unpleasant smells and protect your family from excessively dry air, microorganisms, allergens, dust, and more! This gift is a great way to say, “you might be stuck at home, but let’s make the best of it!”

No matter how you choose to celebrate this year, these gifts are a great way to give great gifts while being kind to your wallet!

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