How to Deodorize Your Shoes, Naturally


If you’re an athlete, or live with an athlete (or a teenager!) you know that stinky shoes can be a real problem. Once that sweaty feet smell seeps into your favorite pair or running shoes or slip-ons, it seems like they’re doomed to stink forever. Well, don’t banish your favorite shoes to the Bog of Eternal Stench quite yet.

We’ve got some great ways to deodorize your shoes, naturally-for when you want lovely smelling shoes without the chemical assistance.

Natural Shoe Deodorizers 

1. Tea Bags

This is probably one of the easiest ways to get the stench out of your shoes. Simply grab some tea bags and toss a few into each shoe. Then, wait. Just let them sit for a day or two, no boiling water required!

The dried tea leaves help absorb odor and any lingering moisture. But be careful. If you put tea bags into damp shoe, the tea bag might stain the shoe. Steer clear of any berry teas, or anything with a brighter color.

You can also, carefully, used a brewed tea bag.

2. Newspaper 

If there is anyone out there that still gets newspapers, you can use them to soak up moisture from damp shoes. Just crumple one up and place it in each shoe. You can even splash a few drops of essentials on the paper to add a refreshing scent.

Any type of essential oil work but Tea Tree, as an antibacterial, may also reduce the impact of athlete’s foot and toenail infections.

3. Cedar 

OK, this one is pretty easy, too. Just place a block of cedar wood in your shoes when you’re not wearing them. Cedar is a natural moisture absorber which is why so many chests and wardrobes are made of this delightful smelling wood.

4. Orange Peel

This solution lets you have a snack before you naturally deodorize your shoes. Just get some vitamin C by having an orange, then throw the peels in your shoes and let them sit overnight.

5. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great natural cleaning product and can be used to remove stains, dirt, mold, grime…and odor from stinky shoes.

To keep the powder off your shoes, fill two socks with baking soda and tie them then slip one sock into each shoe and let them sit overnight.

The ShoeSling®

As a bonus option, you can use the ShoeSling to keep your shoes out of your closest or your car AND help diminish any odor. This shoe carrier lets you transport your shoes on the outside of your backpack or gym bag and keeps them in a zinc-based, antimicrobial infused fabric that reduces bacterial spread.

Getting rid of odor and stinky shoes doesn’t have to mean using harsh chemicals that will stink up the rest of the house. Try these natural solutions to help your shoes last longer and prevent the inevitable, “Ok…what stinks!?”

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