New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make as a Family

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Resolutions are easier to keep when you make them together. In 2021, instead of making resolutions that focus on the individual, choose resolutions as a family, and work on keeping them together. 

Here are some suggestions for resolutions you can make together that will benefit the whole family, and may even bring you closer together! 


Pick a length of time to dedicate to unplugged time and pledge to stick to it throughout the year. Maybe it’s one evening a week for a few hours. Maybe it’s a weekend or half a weekend day. Whenever you choose, make sure the whole family can stick to it (it’s not a time where work stuff will pop up for mom or dad) and that can be sustained for the chosen amount of time. Make sure you have plans for what will fill the time (a hike, a board game marathon, a visit to see grandparents, volunteering) because boredom is a surefire way to reach for a device. 

Reading Goals

These days, how often is it that you get time to sit and actually read a book? Make this the year that you read those books on your shelf or convince your oldest to actually read a book instead of watching a movie. Set a reading goal as a family (the number might need to vary by each person based on age and level) and then set aside time each day or week to work on meeting those goals. Setting a less TV resolution might also help! 

Get Active

Being healthy is a priority for most families, but “get healthy” is a pretty vague goal and won’t help kids build a healthy lifestyle. Instead, focus on specific activity goals you can achieve as a family. Set weekly activity goals (move for ___ hours this week) and come up with creative ways to meet them as a family. Play basketball. Have a dance party. Take family walks or bike rides. Don’t limit yourselves by thinking you have to run or walk, though. Play games like Just Dance or Wii tennis. Get creative and have fun!

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Help the Community

Choosing to give back as a family is a great way to teach kids about community building and helping others. Choose one day a week or a month where you volunteer as a family for a mission you all care about. Clean up a park. Volunteer at a shelter. Do a can drive. Help at a food bank. There are a lot of ways to give back to your community and doing it as a family can be both fun and rewarding. 

Plan Date Nights

Yes, this is usually for parents (because making sure you’re connected and happy is a good thing!) Date nights can also be for the whole family, and especially for families with a lot of kids. It can be hard for parents to connect individually with each of their kids when there is always a practice to get to, homework to do, or chores to get done. Planning date nights with your spouse and your kids can help you reconnect and help your kids feel seen and closer to you. Choose dates and times to not only spend time with your spouse but also add in some daddy/daughter dates or mother/son days. 

No matter what you choose, make sure to choose and prioritize it as a family. Sit down together and discuss what’s important to everyone and then choose goals and plan out the best ways to achieve those goals together.

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