Meet the ShoeSling®

The ShoeSling is the perfect shoe bag solution to keep your shoes together and away from the rest of your gear and clothes! So, how can this make my life easier you ask? Stop plastic bagging it, and start ShoeSlinging - you’ll be so happy that you did.

Made in the U.S.A.




Space to write your name on the care label


Fabric pockets keep your shoes from scuffing


100% flexible sport-grade washable polyester

Neon yellow ShoeSling shoe bag with shoe heel showing


Flexible handle to slip through a backpack or carry bag


Antimicrobial technology reduces smells & the spread of bacteria


Two separate pockets, one for each shoe

Customize ShoeSlings

Your team or organization can customize ShoeSlings with your own logo or graphic! The team that ShoeSlings together, stays together!

Find out more about logo customization and team/group orders.

Help us spread the word about ShoeSling

We love when you share photos with us, showing how you use your ShoeSling! Share a photo on social media #myshoesling and #loyalyakker. Or send us a pic of our shoe bag helping you - for us to show off on our web site or social media.

Neon yellow ShoeSling shoe bag attached to black backpack
Titanium ShoeSling shoe bag
Black ShoeSling shoe bag with five pennies stacked