What Are Antimicrobial Textiles and What Do They Do?

If you’ve browsed our LoyalYak.com website looking for a ShoeSling®, you probably noticed an intriguing term you might not know much about, antimicrobial technology. We know that antimicrobial treated fabric has benefits when it comes to fighting odor and spreading germs, but we realized you might not. So, what does antimicrobial mean, and why is…

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How to Deodorize Your Shoes, Naturally

If you’re an athlete, or live with an athlete (or a teenager!) you know that stinky shoes can be a real problem. Once that sweaty feet smell seeps into your favorite pair or running shoes or slip-ons, it seems like they’re doomed to stink forever. Well, don’t banish your favorite shoes to the Bog of…

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How to Clean Your Shoes

LoyalYak blog How To Clean Your Shoes

“One size fits all” definitely doesn’t apply to shoes and it certainly does not apply to how you clean shoes in order to keep them nicer, longer. Cleaning your shoes can help keep them in good shape and it means you don’t have to buy a new pair every time you get a little bit…

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