Travel Accessories to Help Ease Your Journey

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Even with the excitement of getting to travel to a new place, commercial flying can still come with a lot of inconveniences. Loud people, delayed flights, low batteries, grumpy kids and sleep deprivation can all pack a punch on our stress levels. Luckily, with plenty of research and expert advice, we’ve found a few small but effective accessories to aid in your journeys. 

Packing cubes 

These nifty compartments can fit within your luggage to organize different types of clothes and keep items from cluttering into one mess. These are especially useful if you have business attire to keep separate from casual outdoorsy clothing. 


Our one-of-a-kind ShoeSling would go along perfectly with your packing cubes. The antimicrobial polyester is machine washable and will help to keep your luggage smelling fresh. We offer customization too!

Ear Plugs/Ear Buds

Even if you don’t plan on sleeping on the plane, ear plugs or ear buds can help your ears deal with the pressure of changing altitudes by restricting airflow. This can alleviate nausea if that’s something you deal with on flights. They work best if you leave them in for the entirety of the takeoff until the plane reaches its cruising level. There are plenty of ear plugs to not only deal with this issue but are specifically made to cancel noise as well. 


Mad libs, uno, a deck of cards or even just pens and paper for hangman can be great games to keep you and your kids occupied. There are also plenty of games designed to work best on planes, like magnetic chess, checkers, backgammon and dominoes to keep everything in place while you play. 

Compression socks or tights 

If your flight is six hours or more, wearing compression socks and/or tights will help keep circulation going while you sit for long periods. Nobody wants the discomfort of your feet and legs falling asleep. It’ll get you up and walking normally much easier once you land. 

Gear Ties 

For those with multiple cables and chargers to deal with, all you need to do is wrap them nicely and keep each one neatly together with a gear tie. You can even find packs of ties in multiple colors so cords can be color-coded if that’s something you like to do. 

International Travel Adapter

Travel adapters are needed in order for cables to access power in foreign outlets. Many travelers will buy them as they go to different countries, but there are plenty of travel adapters which can be used in multiple countries. Not to mention there are several which have USB ports on them for you to charge multiple devices at once. 


For those who can’t sleep just anywhere, anytime, taking a melatonin supplement may just do the trick. Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced in the body during nighttime to aid in sleep, but this production can be easily disrupted when changing time zones. It has been widely studied in preventing the daytime drowsiness that comes with jet-lag. The proper way to use it in travel can be found here. Remember that some places are more strict about over-the-counter medicines, so make sure to check to see if it’s okay to bring on your flight. 

Money belt

A money belt can be a great accessory for when you want to travel light, but keep your items tucked away from pickpockets. You can safely conceal keys, bills, and small documents in a zippered compartment around your waist. 

As you can see, besides the essentials, the accessories of travel can be just as beneficial to keeping you happy on your journey. Simple and smart know-how can keep you one step ahead of the stress.

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