What Are Antimicrobial Textiles and What Do They Do?

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If you’ve browsed our LoyalYak.com website looking for a ShoeSling®, you probably noticed an intriguing term you might not know much about, antimicrobial technology. We know that antimicrobial treated fabric has benefits when it comes to fighting odor and spreading germs, but we realized you might not.

So, what does antimicrobial mean, and why is it an important feature of the ShoeSling? 

What is Antimicrobial Fabric?

Antimicrobial fabrics protect against pathogens like bacteria, mold, and mildew. They work the same way antimicrobial soap and hand sanitizers do, in that they attack pathogens at the cellular level and help prevent their growth and reproduction.

An antimicrobial agent is applied to fabrics to enable them to fight off pathogens that could develop on the surface of the fabric. The unique surface of fabrics and their ability to retain moisture making them ideal candidates for harboring pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The antimicrobial will constantly work against microorganisms like sweat and other contaminants that create odors.

You can find antimicrobial fabrics in many places: fitness apparel, military, medical uniforms, and in a ShoeSling!  When you carry your shoes in a ShoeSling, their odors remain mostly in the pockets and helps to keep pathogens from traveling in your car, home, and the air you breathe.


Why is Antimicrobial Fabric an Important Feature of the ShoeSling?

Fabrics (think shoes) with sweat and oils can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. Gross.

But, antimicrobials can help prevent pathogens from sticking to fabric, growing, spreading germs, and causing nasty odors.  This is why we worked with Michelle Letendre, an expert in textiles, and chose to treat our patented ShoeSlings with a zinc-based antimicrobial agent during the fabric making process (thank you, Michelle). This feature helps keep pathogens from growing in the ShoeSlings and the rest of your gear.

 No one wants bacteria or viruses living and multiplying on their clothing and shoes, especially today!  If you need a convenient way to transport your shoes, try a ShoeSling that’s treated with antimicrobial technology.


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